Key Stage 2 Spelling Programme

Superhero Spelling has been designed by teachers, for teachers. A cast of superheroes and powerful memory cues will help your children learn key spelling rules and concepts. This is a complete solution to teaching KS2 spelling with comprehensive planning and resources to teach and practise all the statutory word lists with ease.

A key aspect of our approach is flexibility. Each week consists of three core phases: Learn, Build, and Show. Schools can choose to complete the Learn and Build phases together or separately. At the start of the week, the children will receive their weekly spelling words.

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In the Learn phase, there is a PowerPoint (PPT) presentation to help introduce key concepts. We have ensured there is a powerful mix of age-appropriate activities to make these sessions interactive. We place an emphasis on talk time and partner work. The PPT is embedded to ensure it can be used the across all platforms. After the teaching input, we recommend you review the weekly spellings. In the section on weekly spellings below, you will see that we provide a number of options for you.


In the Build phase, there is always a main activity and supplementary options. Optional tailored activities include the primary activity aligned with the objective, featured at the top of downloadable resources. Supplementary activities for boosting confidence and understanding include:

  • Look Say Cover Write Check
  • Handwriting (both cursive and print options for right/left-handed students)
  • Word Search


Finally, the Show phase completes a week with optional dictation sentences and a handy self-check process to reduce teacher workload. Weekly spelling words are integrated into six dictation sentences. If desired, children can self-check spelling using highlighted words in the dictation image provided. A CLOZE procedure is included for those who find completing a full dictation challenging.

Weekly Spellings

We have provided a printable list of weekly words for easy classroom use. In addition, there is a PPT with weekly words, each accompanied by a definition. This can be used in class or shared digitally with parents.

Handwriting is included with practice aligned to the Spelling Curriculum. For left and right handers, as well as in cursive and print. Every base is covered.

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Can I try some sample resources?

Yes, a full week of resources are available for each year group in Key Stage 2. These can be downloaded from the Sample Resources page.

Does Superhero Spelling follow the 2014 Spelling Curriculum?

Yes, the Superhero Spelling Programme covers the 2014 Spelling Curriculum and more.

Can I use Superhero Spelling in KS2 with any phonics scheme in KS1?

The Superhero Spelling Programme is a KS2 scheme that is designed to be used alongside any KS1 scheme. Unlike some KS2 spelling schemes, we build on the phonics knowledge children have when they enter Year 3.

Does the programme include bite-size training?

Yes, our bitesize training is available for all staff and included within your subscription. We have been very determined to make a very easy to use scheme but it is still comforting to know that there is free support as part of the programme.

How is Superhero Spelling structured?

Each year is divided into 3 terms. Each term has 12 weekly spelling lessons, providing 36 weeks of learning over the year. There are two weeks in every term (weeks 6 and 12) that focus exclusively on the statutory words. These key words are also integrated into other weeks as appropriate.

How is the teaching of Superhero Spelling organised in the week?

Each week has one key Learning Objective. This is taught in three core phases: Learn, Build, and Show. In the Learn phase, there is a slideshow presentation to help introduce key concepts. The Learn, Build and Show sessions can be taught flexibly in 3 sessions, in 2 sessions or in one longer session.


  • Learn session: 30 minutes
  • Build session: 25 minutes
  • Show session: 10 to 15 minutes
Do you have any catch up material for children in KS2 who need additional support with phonics?

Yes, our Superhero Comics are available to purchase in sets of 20. Email for details.

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