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  • Engaging lessons
  • Covers all KS2 spelling requirements and statutory words
  • Flexible weekly teaching sessions
  • Builds on phonics knowledge to embed concepts
  • Designed with schools
  • Simple and easy to use

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Superhero Spellings is an exciting and motivating way to teach children spelling. Having all the resources and strategies in one place, both enhances childrens' spelling skills and reduces teacher workload, whilst ensuring consistency. This comprehensive, systematic resource is engaging and exciting and makes the teaching and learning of spellings fun!

Teresa Skeggs, Executive Headteacher

Superhero Spellings is an engaging, sequenced scheme that naturally follows on from Monster Phonics to aid children in KS2 to secure spelling. It includes ready made resources to ease teacher workload and engage children to actively embed spelling rules.

Dan Cawley, Year 6 Teacher

I am highly impressed with Superhero Spellings. It provides structured and comprehensive support for teachers to deliver high quality spelling lessons across Key Stage Two. It follows on seamlessly from phonics in Key Stage One, as well as being fun and engaging. We can’t wait to get started with trying out this programme with our students!

Hannah Rudling, Deputy Principal

I love superhero spellings because they've successfully turned learning into an engaging, exciting, and enthusiastic experience for kids using a comic-style approach. It's impressively inclusive and designed to get children genuinely excited about mastering their spellings. And the best part? It's a major time-saver. Say goodbye to the usual boring spelling lessons. With everything already set, there's hardly any need for modifications.

Nelepa Ullah, Phonics Lead

The superheroes spelling programme really engages. The slideshow and the activities secure their understanding of the KS2 spelling curriculum. Interactive, easy to follow scheme with clear and concise planning. The children will love the characters! Great for spelling confidence.

Vicky Lea, Phonics Lead


Can I try some sample resources?

Yes, a full week of resources are available for each year group in Key Stage 2. These can be downloaded from the Sample Resources page.

Does Superhero Spelling follow the 2014 Spelling Curriculum?

Yes, the Superhero Spelling Programme covers the 2014 Spelling Curriculum and more.

Can I use Superhero Spelling in KS2 with any phonics scheme in KS1?

The Superhero Spelling Programme is a KS2 scheme that is designed to be used alongside any KS1 scheme. Unlike some KS2 spelling schemes, we build on the phonics knowledge children have when they enter Year 3.

Does the programme include bite-size training?

Yes, our bitesize training is available for all staff and included within your subscription. We have been very determined to make a very easy to use scheme but it is still comforting to know that there is free support as part of the programme.

How is Superhero Spelling structured?

Each year is divided into 3 terms. Each term has 12 weekly spelling lessons, providing 36 weeks of learning over the year. There are two weeks in every term (weeks 6 and 12) that focus exclusively on the statutory words. These key words are also integrated into other weeks as appropriate.

How is the teaching of Superhero Spelling organised in the week?

Each week has one key Learning Objective. This is taught in three core phases: Learn, Build, and Show. In the Learn phase, there is a slideshow presentation to help introduce key concepts. The Learn, Build and Show sessions can be taught flexibly in 3 sessions, in 2 sessions or in one longer session.


  • Learn session: 30 minutes
  • Build session: 25 minutes
  • Show session: 10 to 15 minutes
Do you have any catch up material for children in KS2 who need additional support with phonics?

Yes, our Superhero Comics are available to purchase in sets of 20. Email for details.

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